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I had 3 cast blanks left over from 2011 after breaking all of my molds. I added my image to all three and incorporated text that are from real life experiences.



I was out with a dear friend of mine and she struck up a conversation with a guy she knew who was part of a blues band. Much to my shock and surprise, she broke into a "ching chong" talk when describing her experience dealing with Chinese people here in Vancouver. I actually didn't say anything at that time because the guy she was talking to didn't even flinch. It was as if it was normal everyday kind of shit. A few months later, she and I were out having dinner and once again she broke into "ching chong" talk that really grated on my nerves. I would never describe her as racist, but I do realize that there are ideologies of the other and this was her way of expressing what she thought about Chinese and Chinese language. I did interrupt her this time and asked if she realized she was being racist. I repeated what she said and I told her that this wasn't the first time I had heard her do that "accent". She apologized and said it was how she was raised. She hadn't even noticed she was doing it. This work is now in the Rennie Collection

Yes, I see color


I hate it when whites say they don't see color because unbeknownst to them, seeing colour isn't actually a bad thing. I want people to see me as Cree...anything other would be an insult.

Yes, I see color


Other side of Yes, I see color. 2017

Eventually, Your ugly insides eventually become your ugly outside


I have seen so many instances of racism and the ugliness of how it contorts the face and most likely the spirit of those who practice it that I believe it's a curse for reals.

Eventually, Your Ugly Insides become Your Ugly Outsides


Back side of Eventually, your ugly insides become your ugly outsides. 2017

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