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Contemporary Hide Works


Judy's Secret - 2002 (4'H x 3'W)

Encased in a plexi-glass covered, maple framed, box, the large sized chamois bra and panties are decorated with beaded floral designs that are reminiscent of the colours of spring and regeneration. Lined with dark red velvet, they exude an energy that can be equated with life-giving blood, a force that harks back to a time when it was believed that menses could drain a man of his powers. Judy’s Secret embodies all of these notions, while leaving room for the imagination to go wild. As an added edge, the chamois was purchased from a Canadian Tire outlet and is intended for the purpose of washing cars. I sought out the Canadian Tire chamois because it is always available, unlike traditionally processed hides, and it also falls within my limited budget.


Buffalo Soldiers - 2004 (12 3/4" H x 18 3/4" W)


     Porcupine Quill Floral Design                                                                      Beaded Floral Design

     Caribou Hair Tufted Floral Design                                                                 Moose hair Floral Design

Buffalo Soldiers is a series of men's thongs that are decorated with various First Nations traditional art processes. This one has porcupine quill and bead decoration. The title came about when I added buffalo hair as a fringe on the lower crotch area. The thongs are lined with red satin fabric and the hide is chamois that I purchased from Canadian Tire. Works were part of a travelling group exhibition at the Museum of Art & Design in New York.

I am currently working on designing a women's corset out of native tanned & smoked moose hide. The surface decoration will be Plains style porcupine quill work in floral designs. I will add images as soon as the work is complete.