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Segregation Signage


48" x 70" Hand painted signage

No Beer


48" x 70" Handpainted signage

For Whites

for -whites.JPG

48" x 70" Hand painted signage Acrylic & varathane on wood

No Drunken Indians Allowed


48" H x 70" W The four segregation signs shown above are the background for the Chieftain Bar. This sign was actually a handwritten paper sign that a young female employee working at Tim Horton's in Lethbridge, Alberta had posted in the drive thru window in 2007. As unbelievable as that is, this kind of shite still happens.

The Chieftain Bar


Here is an exterior and interior picture of the Chieftain Bar...completed today! 

I used three historical photographs as the inspiration for the Chieftain Bar installation. They are shown below.