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Commissioned Dinnerware - Twelve settings consisting of tea cups, saucers, bread plate, soup bowl and dinner plate. I also added a silver lustre line around the edge of each item, but didn't have a chance to document that detail. 

This bowl was made over a hump mold and the underside was stamped with individually hand made chops depicting text and two images. Some of the stamped text reads: "We got the tomatoes. You bring the lettuce" - quote by former owner, Joe Phillipone. Also included are the words: Pimping, Exploitation, Violence, Mob, Vancouver, BC, Prostitution, Men, Leering, Pathetic, Corruption, Segregated Seating, etc. The text around the rim reads: DEEP DOWN SHE KNOWS HE IS EXPLOITING HER AND SHE IS USING HIM...repeated three times. The work was commissioned by Jody Smiling who used to work in the capacity of offering assistance to sex trade workers in Vancouver, BC.